School Fees:

中文学费Chinese Class Tuition $7/h $7×15=$105 or $7×1.5×15=$157.5 or $7x2x15=$210
才艺班学费Enrichment Class Tuition $7/h Dance, Art, Chorus $7/h $7×15=$105;
双语班学费Bilingual Chinese Tuition $8/h $8×15=$120

教材 Text Book 中文$10 一套、 练习本 $1 一本 “Zhong Wen” $10, practice book $1 ( $25 by each student)

一次性新生注册费 one time nonrefundable new student registration fee $10

折扣: 如果学费在前一个学期结束前付清,每节课 $5(不包括羽毛球):
Discount: $5 per class per semester if tuition paid in full before the end of previous semester (not include Badminton)

学费退款办法: Tuition Refund Policy:
第一周前退学, 退款100%
First week, 100% refund
Third week, refund rest tuition
After third week, no refund except missing classes due to teacher’s availability

Late fee:Tuition must be paid in full before the 4th week, otherwise there is a 10% late fee

Printable Registration From:

2019 Spring registration form